The original idea was simple: Document everything about a single pinball game. Boards, circuit diagrams, parts and graphics. Years later we can understand the difficulty of the task… it was a lot of work.

If you are able to install Adobe Flash on your browser, the original site as it was designed is available here. It does not work on iPad or iPhone devices, to my knowledge. On a PC with Edge (or perhaps with Chrome) you can install a Flash Player browser extension. I have used ‘Flash Player for Web’ ver 1.2. and ‘Ruffle Player’ There is some extra content on the original site. With a little effort, you can find all the Easter eggs -by searching for Cows, of course! This includes extra pinball artwork and an interview with Eugene Jarvis, the game programmer and creator of the sounds used in Firepower. This link is a preview of the ‘extras’ available on the original site: Eugene Jarvis interview

Should you prefer, use the Wayback Machine of to access my last site. This version will be slightly different & hopefully in time more complete.

The time I can devote to providing technical support on Firepower machines is limited. For pinball troubleshooting and help, myself and other dedicated pinball enthusiasts have created a technical site for you. I wrote most of the Williams System 4-6 sections when the PinWiki began and included some of the diagrams from this site . That section has been expanded since.

Please visit and support: