About Us

The FPPB.com site was written many years ago using the (then current) Adobe tools. The graphic art and original site design was all Phil Butcher’s. We did technical documentation by confirming the information against real machines and I have updated many of the circuit diagrams in Adobe Illustrator as mistakes were found. I lived and worked in London, UK for nearly 35 years when we collaborated. I’m now retired and living in central California. More recently, I designed this WordPress Menu and Layout which allows access to the most important site content on all modern devices. Phil works as a Graphic Artist (he is really good with all types of Media) and lives in Exeter, Southern UK. As far as I know, he’s no longer “into the pinball scene” and has sold his collection. He does continue to collect, but they are smaller items.

(you can find me as AlienPoker on Pinside)

Richard’s Hobbies: I enjoy poker, electronics, old computers, welding and auto body refinishing. I studied pure maths and digital electronics in college, but find practical learning to be more interesting now like documenting the original designs of Firepower. I collect, restore and modify pinball games. I also collect,, restore and modify Datsun 240Z cars. My current collection:

  1. Harlem Globetrotters (’79 Bally)
  2. Lord of the Rings LE (2009 Stern), Iron man (2010 Stern) both bought NIB
  3. Blackout (June ’80 Wms) I like early speaking games and drop targets
  4. Firepower (Feb ’80 Wms, x 2) -one is complete the other being restored
  5. Twilight Zone (’93 Midway, which is Bally/Wms) -B&W DMD display, other mods
  6. Star Light (Wms ’84, 100 made) Last System 7. Not for Sale
  7. Jumping Jack (’73 Gottlieb) – Latest purchase –My only EM and first Wedgehead
  8. Attack from Mars (Dec ’95 Midway) -nice example OG, Bill Ung Saucer mod
  9. Cars:
    • Nissan 370Z Nismo (2010, 3.7L VQ, 6sp Manual, stock except for: Stillen G3 CAI (Cold Air Intake), 34 row oil cooler. Both are needed for Summer in California.
    • Datsun 240Z called Kitten (’73 body, 2.6L 260Z Engine, Twin SU Dome Top Carbs, 5sp Transmission from a 280ZX)

Restoration projects:

  1. AT Games Virtual Pinball (couldn’t resist for $150 not fully working, it’s a mess)
  2. Firepower (upgrades: 7 segment displays, LEDs, prob Drop Targets & Flashers)
  3. Eight Ball Deluxe (’81 Bally), EBD LE (’82 Bally)
  4. Silverball Mania (’78 Bally)
  5. Star Wars Episode I (’99 Wms PB2000) With complete conversion kit to RFM
  6. Black Knight (Nov ’80 Wms, x 2) one original the other has a CPR playfield swap
  7. Alien Poker (Oct ’80 Wms)
  8. Flash (Oct ’78 Wms)
  9. Cars:
    • Datsun 24oZ called Mouse (’72 body, 3.2L Bored & Stroked 280Z Engine, Triple Webber Carbs, 5sp Transmission from a 280ZX, lots of other mods)
    • Datsun 24oZ called Bird (’72 body, this one is a salvaged ‘parts car’)

I want a Bally Wizard (May ’75), then I may give up colleting pinball games… for me it’s a holy grail game. I may have found a decent one, we shall see… The current games have gotten too expensive. I also prefer the late 70s and early 80s games with a couple of exceptions. I have never made money from this site or any of my restorations. If anything, they have cost me more than they will ever be worth.

A young Phil, graphic artist and media designer.

Phil B.

Richard – Nothing beats making scores > 1,000,000 on Firepower. With everything working as it should, it’s still my favorite 80s game. I’ve paid as little as $100 for a poor parts one, and as much as $1,500 for a decent game. Both complete.

Richard & Phil with a Black Knight – another great Steve Ritchie game.

Richard & Phil working on the BK Playfield (in 2007). Magnasave?

Richard & Phil Looking at a BK Playfield

Richard getting an award for his Firepower ‘best in show pre-90s game’ from Pinball Designer Steve Ritchie, VIP guest at a UK Pinball Show (2009). That Firepower was used as a game in the finals of the EPC (European Pinball Championship).